To collaborate with progressive thinking organizations eliminate waste from their operations  thereby enhancing value for Consumer & Customer.  



To be the reference in terms of Business Excellence and Efficiency.



Our core values are integrity, honesty and respect

We endeavor to understand and exceed our customer expectation

Integrity: We deliver what we promise and we promise what we can deliver while we keep our customer’s confidentiality.

Honesty: We don’t treat our customers as simple customers but as our partner hence their success is our success.

Respect: Respect for our customers and their objectives.

Our Methodologies

Organizations do not fail because of Bad strategy, organizations fail because of poor execution .

Experts have opined for decades on the reasons behind the spectacular failure rates of strategy execution. As per our last 2020 survey, it was found that 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution

Good Strategy deployment ensures SUCCESS by complete alignment between strategy, tactics ,and execution with everyone being aligned to organizational vision .

Our Methodology

Our Strategy to bring efficiency in organization is base on 3-stage called DSS. The term DSS stands for Diagnosis > Solution > Sustain. The method is outlined below

Diagnosis:  The issues which are impacting organization are established by aligning with voice of customer and business.  

Solutions: The solutions will be developed using   methodologies of Strategy deployment, Leadership, LEAN ,TPM ,Organizational redesign

Sustain : Processes to sustain improvement are implemented . A business excellence and competence building plan is established.

Our Solutions

Strategy Deployment (Foundations)

Our primary objective is to create a fully integrated team with clear direction (vision), mission and a definite road map on how the entire team can deliver what they promise to stakeholders. It’s about working with the organization to help acquire the desired levels of stability and capability to drive a seamless take off towards a Lean transformation. We work to ensure that we bring in the desired behaviors into the organization that become the pivot to execution. In any organizational set up, discipline drives behavior and behaviors in turn drive results, our tools support the organization on this by ensuring that the teams are fully empowered to make a difference.

Critical path for goal alignment

Goal and roadmap definition;- this is dictated by the organizational strategy, it’s worked on by the teams at the various levels i.e Senior management, first line managers, employees

Strategy Development & Deployment


Lean is the application of principles of lean thinking to manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities.

ExePro International have expertise in both Lean Office and Lean Value Stream.

Lean Office, consists on the flow of information and knowledge. Applying Lean Office is necessary for every company that wants to optimize its administrative processes and eliminate waste related to these processes.

Lean Value Stream is related to the flow of Material from the whole End-to- End Value chain

In lean , we have the 7 wastes (TIMWOOD) & in addition a new one which is Unutilized Talents. we can identify wastes that were not noticed in the administrative processes, but they are there all the time. Some of the major wastes that we can realize and highlight when we put Lean Methodologies and concepts into practice are:

  • Lead time of activities can be long and unpredictable;
  • Lack of standardization;
  • Generation of batch of documents;
  • Many errors in data entry;
  • Production of documents or reports that nobody uses;
  • Manual tasks that could be automated via system or applications.
  • Bad goods
  • Overprodution of Materials
  • Inventory of Raw ,packaging materials, finished goods

    Benefits to your organisation

  • Improve Efficiency in Lead Time
  • Reduction of process step
  • Greater involvement of employees
  • Greater control of the information produced
  • Better systematic problem identification
  • Greater flexibility to respond to changes in demand.
  • Reduction of inventories and queues
  • Reduction in the transportation of work units
  • Level planning / balancing of activities
  • Decrease in the processing time of some activities;
  • Reorganization of the work environment
  • Reduction of work in process
  • Better Accuracy 
“Eliminating waste in the process with the goal of creating value for customer or clients”

Our Methodology to make a Lean Enterprise

Get your Six Sigma Green belt

We help in building the competencies & Certified people on Lean Six Sigma green Belt so that they can be autonomous in driving continuous excellence in their organisation.



Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence (ManEx) aims to improve your processes reliability so that you consistently manufacture quality products at a competitive cost, in a safe environment.”

ManEx is a concept of “Performance Management” for manufacturing operations, which focuses on:

  1. Maximizing the use of your company resources through elimination of all kinds of losses.
  2. Re-educating your people and creating a culture of prevention and continuous improvement with everybody’s involvement. 

ManEx is a set of practices that will engage your people to improve manufacturing performance in a structured way. It establishes cross-functional collaboration, spreads new knowledge and helps make your people more autonomous. 

ManEx implementation is based on 7 PILLARS with their specific missions. It is structured into 5 PHASES with their specific performance goals. Phases are split into manageable STEPS with well defined activities. Each activity has clear deliverables.

Benefits to your organization

Through Manufacturing Excellence implementation, your organization will benefit from the 3 following key deliverables:

  1. Increased team knowledge and engagement, resulting in:
  • Increased workers motivation
  • Increased workers involvement
  • More improvement suggestions from workers
  • More dedication to continuous improvement
  1. Transformation of workplace, resulting in:
  • Manufacturing operation premises transformed into pleasant and safe working environment
  • Customers and other visitors impressed by the change
  • Confidence on plant’s products increased
  1. Breakthrough results, materialized by:
  • Reduced equipment breakdowns
  • Minimized idle time and minor stops
  • Less quality defects and claims
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced manpower and cost
  • Lowered inventory
  • Reduced accidents



Organisation Design

A critical determinant of strategic competitive advantage is organisation design, a process for shaping the way your company operates.

ExePro will help your company identifying dysfunctional aspects of workflow, procedures, structures and systems and realign them to fit your current business objectives.  We support organisations to deal with contingencies, and to have competitive advantage through innovation and efficiency.

ExePro experienced Team can assist any type of organisations to achieve its goals. Sometimes, a large-scale reorganization is necessary. At other points, more subtle shifts in structures and systems can ensure that an organization continues to thrive.

There are many potential benefits to having a design that suits the business and its people, and the environment in which it operates. For example:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Faster and more effective decision making.
  • Improved quality of goods and services.
  • Higher profits.
  • Better customer relations.
  • Safer working conditions.
  • A happier, healthier and more motivated workforce.
  • Greater preparedness for future challenges.

About Us

Jayesh is a graduate from prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences. He has over 37-year experience in FMCG industry out which last ten years has been in leadership and consultancy positions. He has handled key management roles in locations across South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa and United States. He has helped improve organizational performance by understanding issues impacting consumer preference, cost, efficiency by using Lean, TPM and related methodologies. This has resulted in significant savings and improvement of Market share across organizations. In this journey he has built his expertise on process re-engineering, quality excellence and managing value chain.



An Executive with over 14 years of progressive experience within the FMCG industry with   expertise in Strategy planning and execution, Engineering and Supply Chain operations management, project management, Lean manufacturing and strategic procurement. Proven performance in linking corporate vision with the delivery of desired results through coaching and empowering people and  process and technology re-engineering.



Holding a degree in Electromechanical Engineering from UC Louvain in Belgium, André is a strong Engineering professional notably skilled in Project Management and Factory Engineering Management. Working at a management level of a FMCG multinational with plenty development opportunities enabled him to learn, practice and implement performance improvement through Continuous Improvement, Leadership Development and Total Performance Management. During his 11 years working experience in Belgium, Congo and Zimbabwe, André had the opportunity to experience working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. As an entrepreneur, André has broadened his kills set and network by interacting with many kinds of industries and businesses.

Andre Muleba


Jagdish Chhabra is a Business Excellence Professional in Complete Supply Chain and Manufacturing best practices. He has over 27 Years of experience in driving large supply chain transformation programmes across Automotive, Telecom and Consumer durable industries. He is also a Lean specialist and has led multiple function for improvement in Total value chain.

Jagdish is instrumental in driving Tier2 Upgradation approach through deployment of analytical and digital tools in the Supply Chain/ Manufacturing function, helping supplier to Improve Quality, better equipment utilization & reduce cost at the same time, bringing in more visibility and better decision-making supports. He has extensive experience in driving adoption of the tools like – Kanban, Value Steam map, JIT, 5S, Kaizen and many more related to Manufacturing Excellence.

Jagdish has played important roles in auto industry through employment with companies such as MindaRika Pvt Ltd.Jagdish is a post-graduate in Management from IGNOU Delhi and Master of Science (Mathematics) Delhi University.


Jagdish Chaabra



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